Evaluation Committee

The Endorsement Evaluation Committee is a committee of the OCLBA that conducts evaluations of candidates for judicial offices and non-partisan law-related boards or committees. The committee evaluates and considers applicants that reflect the diversity of the State of California, including diversity based on sexual orientation. The Committee accomplishes this mission by:

  1. encouraging LGBT attorneys to seek appointments to the bench and non-partisan boards or committees,
  2. evaluating the qualifications and temperament of candidates seeking the OCLBA’s endorsement, and
  3. advocating on behalf of the those candidates OCLBA has endorsed.

Endorsement Policy

OCLBA will consider applications from individuals seeking appointment or election to a judicial office or from individuals seeking appointment or election to a non-partisan, law-related  committee or board.

OCLBA does not provide competitive endorsements (endorsing only a single candidate for any specific position).  Any candidate or applicant for a position who seeks the endorsement of the OCLBA and is deemed qualified by the OCLBA for the position may receive OCLBA’s endorsement.  This may result in OCLBA endorsing multiple individuals for the same position.

Individuals seeking an OCLBA endorsement must complete the appropriate application and return it to OCLBA Roman Darmer via our contact page.

Following receipt of a properly completed endorsement application, the applicant will be contacted by an OCLBA representative to arrange an interview.

At least 60 days should be allocated for completion of the OCLBA endorsement process.

If you have any questions, please email Roman Darmer through our contact page.